FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Library’s hours

The regular schedule is: Sunday -Thursday – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Library Location

The library is located on the main campus of Al Yamamah University next to the main auditorium and in front of the sport facilities center on the first floor of the building. The women’s branch of the library is located in the basement of the women’s college building.

How do I reach certain staff

The staff of the library is happy to assist you in any way that they can. The following may be the best place to start if you have a question, please call via the following phone numbers: +966 1 2242222 ext: 3805, 3803, 3801 or 4800 (women’s library).

My department would like to arrange for a library orientation /instruction program for our new faculty member. Whom should I contact

You should contact the library staff to arrange for a program at +966 1 2242222 ext. 3805.

How do I find out what materials are in the library

The library’s catalog provides location and call number information for books, recent publications, and CD-ROM products. Most materials owned by the library can be found in the catalog. You can search the catalog by author, title, subject, keyword, and call number. All information about the resources is available online and can be accessed from any computer within the campus. In the browser go to the favorite folder and then click on the YU Local library search option.

Where are the books located

The general book collection in English is located on the right side from the main entrance and both Arabic and Reference collection on the left side of the main entrance of the library. To find a book on particular topic or by a certain author, do a key word search on the library catalog available online or ask at the circulation desk.

Where are the journals located

The library subscribes to journals and magazines (periodicals). The current issues of these periodicals are kept on display racks at the right side of the main entrance. All periodicals are arranged on the shelves in an alphabetical order by title. Older periodicals are kept in the plastic magazine boxes beyond the reference collection and shelved alphabetically by title.

How can I access the database from my desktop

Access to the database may be obtained from any computers within the YU campus and is freely available to anyone. Open the internet browser, click the favorite folder and then Al Yamamah University and finally click on YU library links and then click the database.

How Can I pull up Journal articles on my computer

If you know the name of the journal, go to the database page and either enter the journal name in the search box or click the list of publications arranged in alphabetical order. If your journal is not listed, that means the access of this journal is not available. Please know that the back issue coverage varies for each journal title and is usually limited to the last few years only but most are available from 1971 onwards.

If you would like to browse a journal in a particular subject category, enter the topic in the database search box, e.g., “Business” All journals that the database has with that word in their titles will be retrieved. Please know that there may be journals on that topic that do not include the word in their titles.

Please contact the Information/Enquiry Desk (Ext: 3803), if you need help with Database searching

Who may use the Computers in the Library

Faculty, staff and Students of Al Yamamah University are eligible to use the computer in the library.

How to submit a purchase recommendation

Please use purchase request form to submit your purchase recommendations for the Library.